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"imagine if we could end world peace"

imagine all the war protesters
putting down their signs for peace
and picked up a couple rocks
and threw them at police

imagine the workers of the world
recognizing their own degredation
and refusing to work for bosses
and passing on their slave-wages

imagine poor people
coming to terms with their situation
and instead of fantasizing of wealth
they became angry and impatient

imagine the army at war
against their own people
who symbolized their bitter lives
in the streets with desert eagles

imagine all the church goers
marching out of hollow steeples
and realizing their own sin
was to not fight off the ruling evil

imagine the army itself
once a symbol of imperialism
rolling their tanks into washington d.c.
with a brand new kind of mission

imagine the corporate media
that could no longer ignore the truth
being forced on every channel
to report revolution on the news

imagine no more songs and poems
telling us to imagine peace
instead, poems narrated the war
that brought the empire to its knees